Peacham Town Clerk
Danville-Peacham Senior Meals
Northern Skies Observatory in Peacham
Peacham Acoustic Music Festival
Peacham Cafe
Peacham Community Housing
Peacham Corner Guild
Peacham Elementary School and School Board
Peacham Fall Foliage
Peacham Farmers Market
Peacham Fourth of July
Peacham Historical Association
Peacham Library
Peacham Snow Roller Museum
Peacham Town Portrait, July 4th, 2000
Peacham Volunteer Fire Department
Peacham Winter Carnival
Vermont EMS District #5

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Welcome to Peacham and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

It has been said that Peacham is the most photographed town in New England. In its September 2005 issue, Yankee Magazine designated Peacham as the best village in New England. "Of all the villages in New England, Peacham (population 665) is unsurpassed." We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our web page and that you will come for a real life visit, too. (Bring your camera!)

Official Information including meeting agendas and minutes are located at the official Peacham Town website The Town of Peacham does not provide funds for .

COVID-19 Resources for Peacham Residents:
Latest Information on Peacham's Response to COVID-19
Town of Peacham Facebook Group

Story of Early Peacham "1776" by Karen Joyce in "The Bridge"

Morgan Gold has been making videos to show his progress on Gold Shaw Farm. Enjoy these videos.

Ian Boswell and his wife Gretchen appear in this video about his career in cycling and his life in Peacham

New Video of Peacham and the projects enlivening the community, including the Peacham Cafe.

Peacham Cafe is featured in the Vagabond Way photo blog.

Go to the Cafe website for days and times the Peacham Cafe is open.

Video of Peacham Farmers Market on youtube. Follow this link. Use the full screen option and turn up your speakers.

Video of Skiing in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont (mostly in Peacham) .

Peacham is mentioned on NPR in a great "southern" Thanksgiving story by Bailey White

Peacham Has Lost 2.3% in population, 2010 census figures showed the Peacham population at 732, 2020 Census Data Shows Peacham at a population of 715. (A loss of 17 persons.)

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